New Harassment Threat

Recently, the perps have started using a new harassment technique.  This threat came to me in the form of a dream.  Basically, the threat was to cause problems for eating meat.

So, yesterday after eating out at Taco Bell, I experienced a flat tire.   Will note today’s activity.

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Threats Today to Harm some people 11/30/14

The government, the US Navy contractor stalkers are threatening to kill today.  Documenting this threat.

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Another death (killing) has happened

Today is April 1, 2014.  It has just been reported that another death has occurred.  This was someone who had apparently become alarmed and sent around an email with a list of notifications for next of kin, executor of her will, and other parties as she felt her harassment increasing.  Therefore, the report of “suicide” by hanging is suspicious. 

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Going to Store to buy a few items – 3/18/14

Walking up to Von’s to buy a few items.  5:56 pm Pacific.  March 18, 2014 under threat of death to more relatives by government operatives. 

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Death Threats to Family Members for Shopping at Von’s Grocery Store

After shopping at Von’s last Saturday March 15, I received word that evening that my father had passed away.  Now I’m receiving more threats of death to my family from government operatives for shopping there, which sounds absurd, but will document. 

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Third Relative Killed Yesterday

Yesterday I received word that my father passed.  As a targeted individual I know that events such as this are not natural causes.  It seems that for one of two or perhaps both reasons, the feds decided to murder him.  There was a veiled threat issued about going to Von’s (a nearby grocery store) yesterday.  Then there was the use of the color purple, which was the color of a can of room spray that I was using.  They use colors to sensitize to the things they do.  If I wear or use anything purple, it becomes a death sentence for a family member.  I haven’t worn purple in years due to the death originally of my uncle years ago.  And now this can that I bought this week was close to purple although borderline, so I knew I was taking a chance.  Well, it ended up that my dad, though 92, therefore no one would suspect wrongdoing, I know that it was murder.

This is the third murder of a family member since I arrived in California.  First was my oldest sister.  72 years old, in perfect health.  Then sudden death.  Perfectly healthy  the night before, dead the next day.  This happened in May of last year.  Then around Christmastime they killed my uncle. He had multiple health issues that started in June of last year.  Now it is my dad. 

I now so regret ever joining the military.  I never would have if I knew they would devastate my family members.  This is an evil state. 


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Vicious Threats this Evening about using a particular loaf of Bread

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This may sound trivial, but everything they do is trivial since I’m not committing crimes, they have to “invent” them.  In my case, violating their “rules.”  Tonight it’s having this bread which they have designated as “punishable.”  The mental voices are threatening and frothing at the mouth.  Will be documenting tonight’s results here.

Results:  A couple days later, my computer completely would not boot up.  It would only show a screen that said Windows 98 rather than Windows XP and present a black with this command:  C:_  and would do nothing else.  So at present, it is unusable and will need repair.

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