Was notified this evening of Ariel Ortega’s Passing

Just found out tonight that a young man who had been trying to reach our community in January passed away during a blood transfusion January 8, 2018.  More details later.  This has been a year of slaughter.

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Heading over to the Post Office today which means the perps will execute someone again suddenly.

Will be heading over to the post office today briefly.   Yesterday we found out that the third or fourth person since December has suddenly died in our community.  This has been linked in my estimation with visits to our post office due to the name of the street it is on (Gorgonia).   Will report later.

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Another Killing to Report after a visit to the Post Office

Another killing from our community happened recently.  This was Sandra Goodman who had been suffering greatly lately.  I was informed that she had been found dead Wednesday evening.

These killings will be easy to track since the perpetrators follow patterns religiously.  Whenever I visit the post office in my area, which is on a street called Gorgonia, (operative letters being ‘gon’ or gone) the perps feel they must “retaliate” by killing someone.  This has been a consistent pattern which started when I first started using the post office here.  So far, they’ve killed three people from our small online community. since I arrived here in December.  Elvira Williams, David Vetsch and now Sandra Goodman.  Interestingly, Sandra just attended the wake for Elvira Williams’  in December.

Other killings have happened as well, although they are not as noticeable because some of them are public figures, however, they all correspond to my post office visits. The Parkland High School shooting in Florida, which sparked nationwide outrage, is an example of shootings that occurred during this period.

That Nikolas Cruz was hearing voices which directed him during the shooting, tells me that this was a mind control event.  The public automatically assumes mental illness when someone is known to be hearing voices, not understanding that technologies have been widely, yet secretly disseminated that can accomplish the same effect and no can hear the words except the victim.

The mental illness diagnosis was developed to mask the use of the technology on certain individuals to carry out heinous atrocities.

So far, the general public has been taught to disparage those that speak of the use of mind invasive technologies, thereby enabling free rein to those that currently possess them.

At this time they feel invincible and blithely carry out extrajudicial killings because they are absolutely confident that they will not be caught.

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Heading over to the Post Office Today. Perps may be planning to assassinate Someone.

I’m heading over to the post office today to mail some items.  Since I’ve been here, the perps have decided to kill people in retaliation.  This pattern had been occurring for nearly three months.  After last week’s visit,  I discovered that one of our engineers had passed away.  His name is Dave Vetsch.  He had been under heavy microwave assault lately.  Will post about who next after today’s visit.

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New Harassment Threat

Recently, the perps have started using a new harassment technique.  This threat came to me in the form of a dream.  Basically, the threat was to cause problems for eating meat.

So, yesterday after eating out at Taco Bell, I experienced a flat tire.   Will note today’s activity.

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Threats Today to Harm some people 11/30/14

The government, the US Navy contractor stalkers are threatening to kill today.  Documenting this threat.

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Another death (killing) has happened

Today is April 1, 2014.  It has just been reported that another death has occurred.  This was someone who had apparently become alarmed and sent around an email with a list of notifications for next of kin, executor of her will, and other parties as she felt her harassment increasing.  Therefore, the report of “suicide” by hanging is suspicious. 

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